rishabh pant vs bangladesh stump


Rishabh Pant made the headline from the start of the 2nd T20I against Bangladesh at Rajkot when he stumped Liton Das. Rishabh Pant stumped the Liton Das but he collected the ball before the ball passes the stumps.

You can also watch the video here: Rishabh Pant stumps Liton Das by collecting ball before the ball passed the wickets

And as per ICC rules if the wicketkeeper collects the ball before the stumps then he can’t stump the batsman. Not only that the ball is also given No ball and batsman a gets free hit.


So as per the rules, Liton Das survived that stumping. He also hit the next free hit ball for a boundary. He was looking in a furious touch while batting and could be more dangerous for India.

But before that, he got out in a very unusual way by the smartness of Rishabh Pant. Rishabh Pant appealed for the LBW and distracted him and run out the Liton Das to get revenge.


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