ICC Cricket World Cup, ODI World Cup Hosting Countries
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The ICC ODI World Cup is one of the most prestigious cricket tournaments in the world. It is held after 4 years where the best cricketing nations compete against each other to lift the coveted trophy. The tournament has been hosted by various countries over the years, each adding its unique flavor to the event. In this article, we will take a closer look at the hosting countries of the ICC ODI World Cup so far.


ICC ODI World Cup Hosting Countries (1975-2000)

1975 – England: The inaugural World Cup took place in England, the birthplace of cricket. The tournament set the stage for the future of cricketing events, with England showcasing its rich cricketing heritage.

1979 – England: England hosted the World Cup once again, providing cricket enthusiasts with another thrilling edition of the tournament. The competition continued to gain popularity, captivating fans worldwide.

1983 – England: England had the privilege of hosting the World Cup for the third time. However, this edition will forever be etched in cricketing history, as it witnessed a monumental upset with India’s underdog victory over the mighty West Indies in the final.

1987 – India and Pakistan: The subcontinent countries of India and Pakistan jointly hosted the World Cup, marking a significant moment for cricket in the region. The tournament witnessed electrifying matches and saw Australia emerge as champions.

1992 – Australia and New Zealand: The World Cup traveled to the Southern Hemisphere, with Australia and New Zealand co-hosting the event. The tournament introduced colored clothing and floodlights, bringing a new era of excitement to the game. Pakistan emerged as the surprise winner, defying the odds.

1996 – India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka: The 1996 World Cup witnessed a subcontinental extravaganza as India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka jointly organized the event. The tournament showcased the cricketing prowess of the subcontinent, with Sri Lanka emerging victorious in a historic final against Australia.

1999 – England: England once again took center stage, hosting the World Cup for the fourth time. The tournament featured thrilling encounters, including the iconic semi-final clash between Australia and South Africa. Australia eventually claimed their second World Cup title.

ICC ODI World Cup Hosting Countries (2001-2025)

2003 – South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya: The tournament ventured into Africa, with South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya hosting matches. The event showcased the passion and enthusiasm for cricket in the continent, with Australia once again triumphing as champions.

2007 – West Indies: The Caribbean islands of the West Indies played host to the World Cup, infusing the tournament with a vibrant carnival atmosphere. Australia dominated the competition, securing their third consecutive title.


2011 – India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh: The subcontinent nations of India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh came together to organize an unforgettable World Cup. The tournament witnessed India’s crowning glory as they clinched the title on home soil, igniting widespread celebrations.

2015 – Australia and New Zealand: The World Cup returned to Australia and New Zealand, offering fans a spectacular display of cricketing talent. Co-hosts Australia emerged victorious, securing their fifth World Cup title.

2019 – England and Wales: England and Wales had the honor of hosting the most recent edition of the World Cup. The tournament showcased thrilling matches and remarkable individual performances. England emerged as champions, winning their first-ever World Cup in a dramatic final against New Zealand.

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2023 – India: ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be held in India, one of the cricketing powerhouses. With a rich cricketing history and a passionate fan base, India is set to provide a vibrant and exhilarating tournament experience.

ICC ODI World Cup Hosting Countries (From 2025 Onwards)

2027 – South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia: The 2027 World Cup is scheduled to be hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. These countries have a rich cricketing history and are known for their passion for the sport. With their world-class facilities and enthusiastic fan bases, they are poised to deliver a memorable tournament showcasing top-class cricketing action.


2031 – India & Bangladesh: World Cup has been confirmed to be jointly hosted by India and Bangladesh. India, known as the cricketing powerhouse, has a massive fan following and a deep-rooted cricketing culture.

Here is the list of all the ICC ODI World Cup with the hosting rights:

S.No. Year Hosting Country Winner
1 1975 England West Indies
2 1979 England West Indies
3 1983 England India
4 1987 India and Pakistan Australia
5 1992 Australia and New Zealand Pakistan
6 1996 India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
7 1999 England Australia
8 2003 South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya Australia
9 2007 West Indies Australia
10 2011 India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh India
11 2015 Australia and New Zealand Australia
12 2019 England and Wales England
13 2023 India TBD
14 2027 South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia TBD
15 2031 India and Bangladesh TBD

The ICC World Cup’s journey through various host nations has not only showcased the talent and skill of cricketing nations but has also united cricket lovers worldwide. With each tournament leaving behind cherished memories, the stage is set for future editions of the World Cup to continue the legacy of this prestigious event.

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