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Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen has given the idea to increase the excitement in the T20 cricket format. He has asked to start 12 runs on a single ball with 6 runs on a ball in cricket.


Kevin Pietersen said that by tweeting that if a batsman hits 100 meters or longer sixes in the match, then he should get 12 runs instead of six. He has also counted the advantages of giving 12 runs on long sixes in his next tweet.

Pieterson believes that when there is an option to score 12 runs on one ball, no match can be said to end until it is completely over. Many times it happens that when more than six runs have to be scored on a ball, then the match is considered over. So If the 12 runs option is made available to batsmen then the thrill of matches can increase further.

Pietersen tweeted this on Tuesday about this and also tagged the ICC. He quoted

I want an addition to the rules in T20 cricket! Or, @englandcricket can do it in the 100. If a player hits a 6 that goes over 100m, I want a 12 awarded! @ICC.”

Kevin Pietersen also counted advantages of 12 runs in one ball

In the next tweet, he also mentioned few advantages of this rule. He believes that this 12 runs option will increase the revenue of the broadcaster and also excitement in fans. In the next tweet, he said,

The pluses for a 12, for a shot that travels over 100m:

1. No game is really over till it’s over.
2. It adds real excitement.
3. Broadcasters have new equations around possibilities of 12s being hit.
4. New revenue stream as they can be sponsored. Watch this space…!

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