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IPL Trophy: BCCI

IPL has quickly become one of the top cricket tournaments on the planet. It is the only T20 competition where the Indian players play with the foreign players on the same team. It is the dream of every participant to win the coveted trophy of the IPL. However, not every team has been able to realize the dream.


The teams need to perform consistently and building a winning streak to attain the top position. Here’s a look at the top three teams with the most consecutive wins in IPL history.

Most Consecutive Wins in IPL history

3) Royal Challengers Bangalore – 7 wins (all in 2011)

Royal Challengers Banglore in IPL 2011,most consecutive wins in IPL
Royal Challengers Banglore in IPL 2011: BCCI/IPL

RCB is perhaps the unluckiest team in IPL history. The Virat Kohli-led outfit has reached three IPL finals, losing all of them. They had reached the final in 2011, the year when Chris Gayle announced his return to the competition. Gayle’s power hitting helped RCB record a massive winning streak of seven games.


Royal Challengers Banglore lost against the Chennai Super Kings in the finals of the IPL 2011. Not this their streak of winning consecutive street also came to an end.

2) Chennai Super Kings – 7 wins (all in 2011)

Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2011, most consecutive wins in IPL
Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2011: BCCI/IPL

Like Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings had built a massive win streak of 7 games in 2011. The only difference is that CSK went on to lift the trophy, with a win over RCB in the finale. MS Dhoni and his men rarely changed their playing XI. This strategy assisted them in generating the same result for a long time.

With winning the trophy they also became the first team to retain the IPL trophy. No other team has achieved this feat so far.


1) Kolkata Knight Riders – 10 wins (9 in 2014, 1 in 2015)

Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2014, most consecutive wins in IPL
Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2014: BCCI/IPL

KKR pulled off an unbelievable feat in the year 2014. The Gautam Gambhir-led team could not get off to a good start. They lost seven of their first nine matches as they almost found themselves out of the qualifiers.

Fortunately, the team soon turned the tables as they won seven games on a trot to storm into the playoffs. They won the Qualifier 1 and final to seize the trophy. Next year, the defending champions kicked off their campaign in style with a thumping win.

It is worth noting that Kolkata had even won four consecutive matches in the Champions League T20 that year before crashing out in the knockout round. This means that they had a winning streak of 14 in T20 games, and when it came to IPL, they had a streak of 10 wins.

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