aakash chopra
Aakash Chopra (Source – Google Images)

Famous Hindi cricket commentator, Aakash Chopra has voiced his opinion on the debate going on the controversy whether a batsman can be given out if the ball hits the stumps but the bails do not come off. On many occasions, the fans have witnessed in cricket history that the bails do not come down although the ball hits the stumps hard.


Recently, it was discovered that the weight of the LED bails is very high. Hence, even if a bowler like Jofra Archer hits the stumps. Sometimes, the bails do not come off. Talking about this debate, Aakash Chopra gave his personal thoughts on it.

Aakash Chopra says batsman is out if the LED lights flash

During a recent Twitter live session, Aakash Chopra answered various queries that the fans had. One of the fans asked his opinion on this matter and here’s what Chopra replied:


“The moment you see the light come on, give him out. Because what is happening now is… these zing bails are very heavy and they don’t come off very easily. In fact, I remember… I think it was a Jofra (Archer) delivery and the bails did not come off completely from the grooves. And you survive. How can this be the case? It’s just not done. So the moment it lights up, that’s it, you’re out,” Aakash Chopra said.

Thus, in this manner, Chopra highlighted the fact that if a batsman gets beaten and the ball touched the stumps then he should be declared out.