Shikhar Dhawan vs Bangladesh at Delhi
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Indian opening batsman, Shikhar Dhawan appeared on an Instagram live session with Sri Lankan all-rounder, Angelo Mathews. In his live video, Dhawan answered various questions that the Sri Lankan asked, including a question about the future of IPL 2020.


In case you did not know, IPL 2020 should have ended yesterday night if the Coronavirus pandemic had not hit the world. Entire India is locked down at the moment with the proposal being laid to have an IPL tournament without fans behind closed doors.

IPL should happen in 2020: Shikhar Dhawan

Talking about the possibility of IPL happening this year, Shikhar Dhawan told Mathews:

“Talks are going on, hopefully (it will happen). I always enjoy thinking in a positive manner. It’s good if it happens, taking care of all the security and all the things against corona. We have to be very, very careful.”


Further, the Delhi Capitals star opined that IPL 2020 will bring a lot of positivity to the world. Everyone needs positive energy now. Hence, Dhawan pointed out:

“If it happens, it’s good… of course, for India, for us. It brings a lot of positivity that spreads all over the world because a lot of people watch it. With all the corona news and everything, it’s important that some sports come in. The environment will change, the mood will change and it will have a huge impact.”


Thus, in this manner, Shikhar Dhawan discussed the possibilities of IPL in 2020 and what impact it could have on the fans and people at home.