Glenn Maxwell playing switch hit
Glenn Maxwell playing switch hit (Image Source: ICC)

After losing the series by 2-1 from Australia there is hardly good news for team India with questions over the captaincy of Virat Kohli and poor bowling performances from their bowlers. However the Indian team in the last ODI got the momentum and somehow managed to get a win in the ODI sereis.


But in all these times there are some criticisms that even Australians are facing like the former Australian player Ian Chappell earlier demanded that the switch hits should be banned in cricket. To agree with this famous West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding agreed that Switch Hits should not be part of Cricket anymore.

Switch Hits are not easy to play as it requires quick movement from the batsman to change his stance to play with complete opposite batting position. If right-handed wanted to plays the switch hits he would have to be left-handed while changing his stance at the crucial moment.

The question arises over the switch hits because of Glenn Maxwell. He played some fiery switch hits in the ODI series against India. In the last ODI also Maxwell played an outstanding switch hit in Canberra. Over this, Michael Holding also agreed with Ian Chappell that Switch-Hits should be banned from cricket. First, let’s watch that switch-hit Glenn Maxwell played in 3rd ODI vs India in Canberra:

Glenn Maxwell against Kuldeep Yadav in the 3rd ODI between India vs Australia:

Michael Holding after this match on his YouTube channel has said –

“I have absolutely no problem with the reverse sweep as we have seen so many batsmen play it quite well. But for the switch-hit, I am in Ian Chappel’s camp where that is a concern,” Michael Holding said on his Youtube channel.


Michael Holding on switch-hits played by Glenn Maxwell

Michael Holding
Michael Holding: Getty Images

It’s completely unfair to give the batsman more credit in an era that has batting-friendly already and giving one more disadvantage to the bowler. This makes the batsman changes his stance in the middle to play unorthodox shots around the ground. Michael Holding further added –

“I don’t see why you should allow a batsman to change from right to a left-hander or left to a right-hander just at a click of a ‘switch’. Just like a bowler, you can’t just switch in the middle of an over.”

“If you are reverse sweeping, you can rotate your legs or your wrists on the bat. Do whatever you want in that regard but once you switch the positioning of your hands and once your bottom hand becomes your top hand (and vice versa), that’s what I am against. I don’t think that should be legal. I have no problem with the reverse sweep and Maxwell can play both.”


This what Michael has to say on the Switch-Hit batting. Many batsmen are playing this shot currently and it gives a big disadvantage to the bowling side.


What’s Next

After losing the series by 2-1 the 3-match T-20l series will start from 4 December with day and night matches followed by practice matches before the start of the Border-Gavaskar trophy.

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