Glenn Maxwell switch hit
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – NOVEMBER 27: Glenn Maxwell of Australia bats during game one of the One Day International series between Australia and India at Sydney Cricket Ground on November 27, 2020, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The former player like Ian Chappell and Michael Holding criticized the shot playing abilities of Glenn Maxwell in the recent ODI series against India. Now Glenn Maxwell comes up with his opinions on the Switch Hits to reply to former players who criticized him.


“It (switch-hit) is within the laws of the game, that has always (been there). Batting has evolved in such a way, that it has got better and better over the years, which is why see these massive scores are getting chased down and the scores are going up,” Maxwell said when asked about Chappell’s comments after the third ODI against India.

In the recent series, Glenn Maxwell batting was the highlight of the series with his complete unorthodox shots which included high-quality switch hits. Glenn Maxwell believed it’s batsman era bowlers have come with the strategy we batsman have invented to score runs while saying –

“I suppose it is up-to-the bowlers to try and combat that. The way the batting is evolving, I think the bowling should try and evolve. And we see guys come up with knuckle-balls and wide yorker fields and different tactics. And the tactics of ODI cricket have definitely evolved, so I just see it as a different part of the evolution of the game,” he further said.


Ian Chappell on Maxwell’s switch hit

Earlier Ian Chappell said it is unfair to bowlers when batsmen score runs through switch hits.

“The Australian batting has been exceptional. They have made it look pretty easy.. particularly (Steven) Smith and Maxwell, some of the shots he plays are to believe. (Switch-hitting) is amazingly skillful, but it’s not fair,” Chappell told the Wide World of Sports.



Well, definitely Kevin Pietersen the former England batsman was the first player who played the switch hit. He played in a test match against Muthaih Muraithran in 2006. It was the same contention that had happened at that time during the playing days of Kevin Pietersen’s career.


As per the current ICC norms, there are no specific rules for the switch hits. What’s your take have your opinions in the comment box?

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