Ramiz raja, fixing in cricket
Former Pakistan Cricketer Ramiz Raja (Source: Google Images)

Match-fixing has stigmatized the game of cricket many times but not once. On Monday, Afghanistan batsman Shafiqullah Shafaq has been banned for six years due to fixing. After this recent fixing case, former Pakistan captain and commentator Ramiz Raja has made a big demand from the ICC. Rameez Raja has said that the Lie detector test should be done to stop fixing in cricket.


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Rameez Raja demands Lie Detectors to stop fixing in cricket

Ramiz Raja gave this big statement on his YouTube channel and said that the Lie-detector test can be used on players. He said, ‘Just as random samples of doping tests are taken, similarly lie detectors should be used to catch lies. We should find out in the regular season whether players have ever been involved in match-fixing. He said

“I wish there was an instrument to calculate this intention, just like the temperature taking tools being used for the COVID-19. We could easily red flag players who could go on to become fixers.

Ramiz Raja said that the solution of match-fixing is very confusing at the moment. We have rules, laws, player education programs, but if a player intends to fixing, then no one can stop him.

“The solution to this problem is very confusing. We have rules, laws, regulations, and player education programs but if a player is intent on fixing then no one can stop them,” the former batsman added.


He also clarifies that fixers usually attack players who are at the end of the career of young players. Because players who are at the end don’t of their career have anything to lose and young players don’t have a stable mindset. He added,

“Fixers can usually attack in two important parts of a career. They can attack at the end of someone’s career because they have nothing to lose. They can also attack at the start when a player is starting out because their minds are impressionable at that stage.

Rameez Raja criticizes PCB

pakistan cricket board pcb
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Ramiz Raja has surrounded the PCB many times on the issue of fixing. According to Raja, the PCB has not given strict punishment to the guilty players, due to which Pakistani players are often seen to be involved in fixing.

Rameez Raja questioned the PCB on waiving the punishment of players like Mohammad Aamir, Sharjeel Khan. Recently, Rameez Raja demanded to put Umar Akmal in jail after not giving information about meeting the fixers. Rameez Raja said that the time has come to give offense to match-fixers.