T20 World Cup 2020 Trophy, earl eddings
T20 World Cup 2020 Trophy: ICC

Due to the havoc of Coronavirus, the T20 World Cup in Australia this year is under threat. Meanwhile, Cricket Australia chairman Earl Eddings has said in a big statement on T20 World Cup 2020.


According to him, he does not see it is possible to host the ICC T20 World Cup in Australia this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic. T20 World Cup is to be played in Australia from 18 October to 15 November.

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Earl Eddings on a virtual press conference said,

“While it hasn`t been formally called off this year, or postponed, trying to get sixteen countries into Australia in the current world, where most countries are still going through COVID spiking, I think it is unrealistic, or it`s going to be very, very difficult,”


“The ICC are having meetings as we speak, it`s a bit of a movable feast at the moment,” he also added.

In the recent ICC meeting, a decision was to be taken on the organization of this World Cup. But the ICC has now deferred its decision on this till next month.

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Earlier ICC held a meeting to decide on the T20 World Cup on June 10. But in this meeting also ICC has again postponed this decision till next month. This includes the future of the women’s T20 World Cup to be held in 2021 next year along with the ICC T20 World Cup.


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