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Image Source: BCCI

Delhi-born and London-based cricket bookmaker Sanjeev Chawla has stated that none of the cricket matches are played fairly as the bookmaking community tends to have its influence on some moments of the game. He told Delhi Police that the bookmakers direct cricket matches like movies.


Delhi Police had been investigating the infamous 2000 match-fixing scandal involving some top players from India and South Africa. The star Indian batsmen Mohammad Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja had received lifetime bans for their involvement while Hansie Cronje, the former South African captain got banned as well.

Several reports suggested that since Cronje was about to spill the beans of the entire saga, the men who paid him for fixing killed him via a plane crash.

Cricket matches fixed like movies: Sanjeev Chawla

In the latest report by Indian Express, Sanjeev Chawla, who played a huge role in the 2000 match-fixing scandal said to the sources


“No cricket match is fairly played…all the cricket matches which people see are fixed.”

When asked about more information related to this claim, he denied by saying:

“A very big syndicate/underworld mafia is involved in this matter and they are dangerous people and if he says anything they will get him killed”.


Regarding this development, Special CP (Crime) Praveer Ranjan told the media:

“Since the matter is still under investigation, we may not be able to share any intricate details.”


Match-fixing has brutally impacted cricket in the past. Hence, it will be intriguing to see what happens next in this saga.