BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal
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The Cricket Board of India (BCCI) treasurer Arun Dhumal talking with PTI on Friday made it clear that if IPL doesn’t take place this year it will hit a revenue loss of 4000 crores to BCCI. On IPL 2020 happening he says that and any decision in this regard will be taken only when the cricket starts back.


BCCI has been already postponed IPL for an indefinite period. Recently, it was reported that if the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup were postponed, the BCCI is considering organizing the IPL in the October-November window this year.

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Loss of 4000 crores if IPL doesn’t happen

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When asked about the financial impact of not happening of IPL this year, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal said that BCCI will suffer a revenue loss of around 4000 crores if IPL doesn’t take place this year.

“If IPL doesn’t take place the revenue loss will be Rs 4000 crore. In case, we lose the home season also, that will also be a substantial amount. BCCI is also facing huge losses. If IPL doesn’t happen then we will be in a very big problem,” said Dhumal.


But Arun Dhumal says IPL 2020 can be organized if the situation improves in September and October.

“If the situation improves by that time (September-October), we also have to think about T20 WC and Asia Cup and accordingly take a call. For a full-fledged IPL to happen, you have to have at least 45-50 days. Whether we get the window, it is still a question mark.

Touring Australia this year

Team India has a tour of Australia at the end of this year. When asked about this Dhumal Said,

“You can’t be sure of the situation prevailing at that point of time. As of now, the Australia tour is on because nobody has called off that tour and the same for T20 World Cup,” Dhumal told PTI

When he was asked about the Quarantine of the players, he said


“The need for quarantine ahead of Australia tour only arises if the preceding T20 World Cup doesn’t take place. If the World Cup happens, then players would have already completed their quarantine.”