Virat Kohli and Priyanka Chopra
Virat Kohli (right) and Priyanka Chopra (left): Google Images

We know the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli dominates the cricket world and he has also become a big brand on Instagram. As per the latest reports, Virat Kohli has left Priyanka Chopra behind in income per Instagram post in 2020.


Virat Kohli has also made his name on Instagram Rich List -2020. He is now the most expensive celebrity from India. Virat Kohli charges the most money per post as per the new report. His brand value can also be gauged from the fact that Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is also behind him.

Virat Kohli Instagram income per post in 2020

Virat Kohli instagram income per post
Virat Kohli: Google Images

Britain’s social media management company HOPPER HQ has announced ‘INSTAGRAM RICH LIST 2020’. Virat Kohli is ranked number 26 on this list. His number of followers is 66.2 million and he charges Rs 2.2 crore per paid post. He tops the Indians, while Priyanka Chopra is at number two from India at 28th position in this l ist.


Priyanka Chopra gets around Rs 2.15 crore on one post. If we look at the figures of last year, Priyanka was ranked 19th at World Wide, while Kohli was at number 23. Now Virat’s number is 26th, while Priyanka has come at number 28.

It is notable that the number one in this list is the Hollywood star and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson. He charges Rs 7.58 crore per post on Instagram. Kylie Jenner is at number two. She takes Rs 7.36 crore for one Instagram post.


Talking about the sports celebrity, star footballer from Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo (Rs 6.64 crore) is at number three on this list.

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