The unluckiest franchise in IPL history, Royal Challengers Bangalore had captured everyone’s attention by removing their profile photo and posts from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Their fans were absolutely dumbfounded over this development as at the first moment, it seemed like the hackers had got access to RCB’s account.

This was certainly not the case as RCB came up with a reply from their own side. They have sent a message to the fans that they will launch a completely new RCB in 2020 and, they are also changing their name.

RCB Changing name?

Last year, we had seen how Delhi Daredevils rebranded themselves as Delhi Capitals. They went from the last place on the points table to the third position.

It seems like this year’s bottom placed team, RCB is also using same strategy to change their fortunes. The question here is will RCB completely change its name just like Delhi or will they just change a small part of their name.

The team’s premier leg spinner, Yuzvendra Chahal was very confused at this development as he asked the team management what is the mystery behind this googly.


On the other hand, the team’s captain, Virat Kohli also had zero idea about what was happening. In his recent tweet, he showed that RCB’s moves have baffled him. So, this all is leading us to a big name change from the 3-time IPL runners-up.

New Name of RCB?

As per one of India’s leading sports portal which in close touch with RCB, Sportskeeda

, Royal Challengers Bangalore is set to be renamed as Royal Challengers Bengaluru.

This is a very minor change however, there was a petition signed by all the RCB fans for this alteration. Virat Kohli will lead Royal Challengers Bengaluru now in the IPL. Here’s some hope that RCB will win their first ever IPL in the year 2020.