Jonty Rhodes
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Whenever it comes to the best fielders in the cricket world, one player is always named and that is Jonty Rhodes, a former player of the South African team, who created a different identity from his brilliant fielding in the 90s and won the audience heart. Amidst the coronavirus, players are spending time on social media these days and, the legendary Indian team batsman Suresh Raina chatted live on Instagram with Jonty Rhodes.


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During this conversation, Suresh Raina asked Jonty Rhodes about the fittest player of the current Indian team, about which Rhodes named the best fielder in the team, and said that he can see his glimpse in it. Jonty Rhodes also named his favorite Indian fielder during this period.

Rhodes told who is his favorite Indian fielder

Ravindra Jadeja Fielding
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While chatting live on Instagram with Suresh Raina, Rhodes said that

“Jaddu has taken some fantastic catches. The key is he is very committed. He is very good at anticipating the ball also”

he further said that,

“I love to watch AB de Villiers batting or fielding. Martin Guptill is there. Jaddu. Also, Michael Bevan, he had excellent speed. Also, Jaddu has great speed on the field.”

This is the fittest player of the Indian team

Virat Kohli workout on Ground
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While talking about how important fitness is for a player on the field, Jonty Rhodes named the fittest player of the current Indian team. He said,

“We have to look to different physical requirements for different players, we need to see how often they get injured and how much they have improved their fitness. In that scenario, Virat Kohli’s transformation from a chubby lad after REALIZING the importance of fitness is unbelievable.”


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he further added,

“Not only exercise but to look after his diet. He is the fittest right now in my opinion.”

Rhodes told why there was a change in the level of fielding

Jonty Rhodes, who first showed the importance of fielding among the players in the 90s, explained why there has been such a change in the level today compared to earlier.

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He said,

“Fielding wasn’t a big part of the game then 1990s. The difference between then and now is that then every team had 1-2 good fielders… now fitness levels are different. Not just in the IPL or T20 cricket. If Virat Kohli is batting in Tests, you don’t want to give him two chances. He will bat and bat.”


he further added,

“Fielding has changed not just because of me… maybe people became more aware. But players have now identified that it’s the third department of the game and not just batting and bowling. The athletic abilities of players have changed.”