india vs england in world cup 2019
India vs England In World Cup 2019 (Source: ICC)

There is a lot of discussion on social media about the India-England match in the 2019 World Cup. This discussion has now been given a new twist by former Pakistan cricketer Mushtaq Ahmed.


Mushtaq Ahmed while talking to a Pakistani TV channel ARY said that the Indian team had deliberately lost a match to England to prevent Pakistan from qualifying at the knockout stage.

Mushtaq Ahmed claimed that he was part of the coaching staff of the West Indies cricket team during the World Cup. During which Andre Russell, Jason Holder, and Chris Gayle told that the Indian team deliberately lost the against Pakistan.

At the same time, former Pakistan fast bowler Sikander Bakht also gave a comment on the recently released Ben Stokes book on social media, saying that in his book, he has written that the Indian team loses the match only to get Pakistan out of the World Cup.

Ben Stokes rejects the Sikander Bakht’s claim

ben stokes world  Cup 2019
Ben Stokes (Source: ECB)

To this, Ben Stokes

gave a befitting reply and made it clear that there is nothing written in his book and that people are distorting things and bringing them to the world.

Stokes tweeted and wrote,

You won’t find it cause I have never said it… it’s called “twisting of words” or “click bait”

Apart from this, IANS, a news agency reviewing Ben Stokes’s book ‘Ben Stokes on Fire’, has also made it clear that nowhere in the book has it been found that the Indian team deliberately lost in that World Cup match against England.

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In the World Cup 2019, the Indian team started with a bang. The Indian team lost only one match in ICC World Cup 2019 and that came against England. However, India was at the top of the points table due to its excellent performance in the beginning.

Indian team reached into the semifinal to face the New Zealand team. However, the Indian team lost in the semifinal and eliminated from the tournament.

The performance of the Pakistani team has not been very special since the beginning. Due to which its run rate was reduced considerably. That is why Pakistan did not make it to the knockout stage of the tournament.