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Former Australian fast bowler, Jason Gillespie has praised Jofra Archer for his bowling technique and pace. At the same time, the Aussie player lashed out on all the fans who criticized Archer for his bouncer bowling technique and hurting the batsmen.


In case you did know, Gillespie is the coach of Archer at Sussex. He has observed his development very closely. Hence, when the fans called him out for his inconsistency in the recent few matches, the Aussie has stood in support of Archer.

Jason Gillespie praises Jofra Archer

Talking to Stats Perform, Gillespie opened on the fast bowler’s growth and said:

“I’ve been very excited by Jofra. Obviously, he plays at Sussex and my dealings with Jofra have been nothing short of fantastic. He’s a very likeable young man, loves his cricket, very passionate, he’s very hardworking. I’ve been pretty disappointed with some of the criticism levelled at Jofra. I think he suffers a little bit from perception. There’s that laid-back demeanour that he has.”

He felt that because of his Barbadian background, he did not care much about his form but in reality, Archer thinks a lot about his game. Gillespie continued:


“That perception of that laid-back attitude, people assume that he doesn’t care or he’s not putting [effort] in, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The kid lives and breathes cricket, and I think he’s been fantastic.


When asked about his future goals in life, the quick signed off with the following statement:

“Right now, I’ve got a wonderful job at Sussex, a wonderful job at the Adelaide Strikers, and I’m really enjoying those roles.”