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Indian Cricketer Sreesanth (Source: Google Images)

Fast bowler S Sreesanth was banned from cricket in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing case. In such a situation, Sreesanth has said that there are only two cricketers who are still in touch with him. Everyone else has stopped talking to them. Sreesanth said that Virender Sehwag and VVS Laxman are the only cricketers who still talk to him.


Sreesanth last played for Team India in 2011. After this, BCCI banned him till the year 2019, after which Justice DK Jain reduced the punishment of Sreesanth to 7 years. This means that Sreesanth can play cricket from September 2020 onwards. Sreesanth further said that relations with the cricketers with whom he shared the dressing room have become very good.

Sreesanth said I talk to a lot of players now. It includes Sachin Paji, Sehwag Paji, VVS Laxman and Gautam Gambhir. Apart from Veeru Bhai in public, many players used to ignore me. Laxman Bhai and only two-three cricketers are in my contact.

He says

“Now, I do speak to many players. I spoke to Sachin (Tendulkar) paaji recently on twitter. Viru (Sehwag) paaji, we keep messaging each other and Gautam (Gambhir), I met him recently,” Sreesanth told India Today.

Except for Virender Sehwag and VVS Laxman, everyone used to avoid me


“Publicly, most of the players used to avoid me except for Viru Bhai, Laxman Bhai, and just three-four others would stay in touch with me. I also understood their apprehensions and I also didn’t make an effort to engage with them as there were court proceedings going on against me. But then things improved in a couple of years. I met Bhajju pa (Harbhajan Singh) at the airport not too long ago and I told him when I start playing cricket I will use the bat manufactured by Bhajji Sports.”


Sreesanth wants to play in Test Championship

Sreesanth said that he wants to play for India again and his target is the World Test Championship. This 37-year-old player said that he is also preparing for it.

Sreesanth believes that he will definitely play for India again one day. The World Test Championship makes me excited and my goal is the same for now. My first target is to be selected in the Kerala team, and after that, if all goes well, then I will wear Team India jersey again.