Bharat Arun
Bharat Arun Bowling coach of India with Kuldeep Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja and Jasprit Bumrah: BCCI

While all kinds of sports are banned due to the Corona epidemic, all the players are sitting at home. Not only this, due to this epidemic, but inter-state travel is also still banned in India.


Due to which Indian bowling coach Bharat Arun has given special advice to Indian players to keep them fit and connected to the game. He believes that players should start training in some way while staying in their state.

Arun talking with ‘Lockdown But Not Out’ series by FanCode says,

“Partially now the lockdown is lifted but inter-state travel is going to be a problem. But again, what the players are going to do is, they will be going to their respective hometown, the grounds that are available, they would do their running and they would also combine it with skill work. And when they are free to travel, that is when we’d all be meeting but again keeping the social distancing in mind, we’d also be working with them in batches.”

BCCI should organize a tournament before international cricket


Arun said that the players would take at least one and a half months to get match fitness and hoped that it would be good if the BCCI

organizes a tournament before they start playing in international cricket. He says

“It’d take us at least 6-8 weeks for us to play international matches, whereby we’d be first working on the skill, and fitness in the camps and then we’ll progress onto match simulations, and hopefully the BCCI can organize a tournament just before we play the international matches, that would be great for us,”

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Arun also said that the lockdown was a good opportunity for the bowlers

to recover from minor injuries and work on their fitness. He said,

“I’m not worried about the bowlers because they’ve had ample time in the last 2 months, to work on strength and their fitness. Very rarely does an international cricketer, especially our bowlers, would get this kind of time to work on their fitness. Also, it is a wonderful opportunity for them to get over the little niggles, that they may have got over the long season.”