Stuart Broad, ICC bans the use of Saliva
England bowler Stuart Board: ECB

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken a big decision in view of the coronavirus. The ICC bans the use of saliva on the ball. The ICC Cricket Committee headed by Anil Kumble recommended a ban on saliva.


Many big bowlers and former veteran cricketers were constantly demanding to give an option of saliva to the bowlers but the ICC has not done so. It means from now onwards bowlers will be able to shine the ball only with sweat.

As press released by ICC,

“The ICC Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) ratified recommendations from the Anil Kumble-led Cricket Committee, aimed at mitigating the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus and protect the safety of players and match officials when cricket resumes.”

Fine will be imposed on the use of saliva

The ICC bans the use of saliva on the ball. If a player does so, the umpire will give two warnings to the players. Meaning every team will get two warnings in every innings. If even then, the players do so, then 5 runs will be given to the opposing team.

Many bowlers had expressed concern that just shinning the ball with sweat does not help. In many places, bowlers do not sweat. In such a situation, batsmen can get more help in cricket.


Coronavirus replacement

The ICC has given all the teams the option of Covid-19 Replacement. Meaning if a player has symptoms of the coronavirus during a test match, the team will be able to play with another player. Just as the other player plays when the player gets hurt. The match referee will decide who will play in place of the victim. The rule of coronavirus replacement will not apply in ODIs and T20s.


Domestic umpires approved

The ICC has also approved non-neutral umpires for domestic matches. According to ICC rules, domestic umpires are not appointed in the match but in view of the coronavirus, this rule has been lifted. The ICC will now appoint the umpires, match officials of the host country for any match.

Each team received additional DRS

The ICC has decided to give an additional DRS review to all the teams. According to the new ICC rules, now all teams will be able to take three reviews in a test match. At the same time, teams will have the right to take two reviews in ODIs and T20s.


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