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Big Bash League: CA

The coronavirus has changed everything, the way people live, and even the rules of the game. The ICC has recently changed many rules of cricket due to this epidemic, including the rule of the most prominent bowlers not to take saliva on the ball.


Apart from this, now teams will also be able to take four DRS in Test matches and two in T20. But let us tell you that one of the most famous cricket leagues in the world, Big Bash can also make a big change. It is reported that the upcoming season of Big Bash League can be played with some such rules, which can change this game completely.

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1) Bonus point after 10 overs

Several rules have been recommended to be changed in the Big Bash League, the first being the bonus point after 10 overs. As per this change scores of both teams will be considered after completion of 10 overs and a team will get a b onus point on that basis. Meaning that the team that scores more runs in the first 10 overs will get that bonus point.


2) Substitute player’s rule

Another big rule may apply in the upcoming season of Big Bash League. According to this rule, both the teams can field the Substitute players after 10 overs. Meaning teams can change players according to their circumstances.

3) Two powerplays in the Big Bash League

In the Big Bash League, two powerplay rules have been proposed to be implemented. According to the rule, the first powerplay will be of 4 overs. After that batting side can take the remaining two overs powerplay as per their convenience.

4) Free hit on a wide ball

According to the rules so far, there is a rule of a free hit on no-ball but in the upcoming season of BBL, the rule of a free hit on the wide ball has also been proposed. If this happens, there will be plenty of runs and bowlers will be beaten a lot.

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5) Strategy break after every 5 overs

A break is proposed to formulate a strategy every five overs for the upcoming season of the BBL. The league will also get a lot of money from this break.


6) Overseas players

As per reports, a draft may also be prepared for the overseas players in the upcoming season of the Big Bash League

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