Tim Bresnan after getting out in Sachin Tendulkar
Tim Bresnan after getting out in Sachin Tendulkar: Getty Images

England Cricket Team fast bowler Tim Bresnan has revealed that both he and umpire Rod Tucker were threatened to killing after getting LBW out Sachin Tendulkar in a Test match at The Oval in 2011. If Sachin Tendulkar had completed his century in this match, it would have been his 100th century in his international career.


Sachin Tendulkar got LBW on 91 in the second innings of the second match of the series at The Oval between India and England. If Sachin had converted this innings into a century, he would have completed the 100th international century in his career.

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Sachin scored the 99th international century of his career against South Africa in the year 2010 and after that match, Sachin could not achieve this record in 12 matches. He had a chance to record this name but he could not redeem it.

Death thre ats to Tim Bresnan and Umpire Rod Tucker

Tim Bresnan reveals this on Yorkshire Cricket: Covers of Podcast. Bresnan said,

“He was on 99 international hundreds and there were no referrals in that series because the BCCI didn’t like it,”

“It was at The Oval in the last Test of the series. This ball, it was probably missing leg anyway, and umpire (Tucker), Aussie lad, shot him out. He was on 80-odd as well (91), definitely going to get it (his century). We win the series and go to number one in the world.”

Actually, at that time TV replays showed that the ball may have hit the leg stump. Even if DRS has been available for India, the decision would not have been reversed. Despite the accuracy of the decision, Bresnan said both he and the umpire received death threats in the coming months.


Bresnan continued and added,

“We both got death threats, me and this umpire, we got death threats for ages after,” Bresnan went on. “I got them on Twitter and he (Tucker) had people writing to him to his home address and stuff, getting proper death threats going, ‘How dare you give him out? It was missing leg.’ I caught up with him a few months later and he was like, ‘Mate, I’ve had to get a security guard and stuff.’ He had police protection around his gaff in Australia.”