England vs West Indies 2nd Test match
England vs West Indies 2nd Test match: ICC

The thrill of the three-match Test series being played between England and West Indies is at its peak. Yesterday England returned to the series by winning the draw leading the way brilliantly. This three-match series has now reached 1-1, so everyone will have their eye on the match to be played at the same ground in Manchester from 24 July.


In the first series being played after Covid-19, the guest team surprised everyone by winning the first match. But England won the second match by 113 runs and told them not to make the mistake of misestimating their condition. The match saw several incidents ranging from Ben Stokes’ all-round performance to ICC rules violations. Let’s know some interesting things related to the second match-

1) ICC’s saliva rule broken

Umpire sanitizing ball England vs West Indies
Umpire Richard Illingworth, second left, watches as the fellow umpire and Michael Gough, second right, cleans the ball during the fourth day of the second cricket Test match between England and West Indies at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, Sunday, July 19, 2020. (Michael Steele/Pool via AP)

For the first time in this match played at Old Trafford, the ICC’s saliva Ban rule was broken. The incident is from the 42nd over of the first innings of the West Indies when England opener Dominic Sibley accidentally used saliva to shine the ball.

As soon as the teammates came to know about it, they immediately informed the umpires. After that, the umpires sanitized the ball. Sibley was not punished for this mistake, but he did get a warning as per the rules. According to the new ICC rules, if a player of a team does so, then the team will be warned twice and after that 5 runs will be deducted.


2) Wrong decisions by umpires

Umpire decision England vs West Indies 2nd test
West Indies bowler appealing to umpire in 2nd test match: AFP

The match was again raided by the wrong decisions of the umpires. A record 17 times during the second Test when the decisions of the umpires were changed with the help of DRS. It also includes an umpires call.

In the match played at Southampton between England and India in 2018, the decisions of the umpires were reversed 17 times with the help of DRS. If there was no DRS in this match, then the match might have been going in some other direction.

3) Ben Stokes’s all-round performance!

 Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes in 2nd test vs West Indies: ICC

All-rounder Ben Stokes

once again cited his importance in the England team. Ben Stokes scored 254 runs in this match against the West Indies, taking three wickets as well. His performance in this match was very commendable.

He played the slowest innings of his career adding 176 runs off 356 balls in the first inning while showing his temperament. Whereas in the second inning, he fired aerial fire from the beginning. He also completed the fastest half-century (78 * runs in the second innings) for England as an opener.


Ben Stokes scored at the strike rate of 49.44 in the first inning. While his strike rate was 136.84 in the second inning. After this wonderful performance, he was awarded the ‘Man of the Match’ award.

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