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100 ball cricket by England Cricket Board from 2020


London: England Cricket Board propose a new format of cricket for domestic competitions.

England & Wales Cricket Board is to introduce a 100 ball game for domestic competition in 2020.

Format of 100 Ball Cricket Game

100 ball cricket game by england, 100 ball game, 100 ball game format, format of 100 ball cricketEach team will face 100 balls in this proposed format. This eight team tournament is going to play from 2020. Each team will play a 15 six-ball over and 10 extra deliveries to complete 100 ball game.

For now it is not clear how these 10 extra ball are going to play. Whether they are going to be bowled by a single bowler or more and at what time they are going to bowl?

Currently 20 over game, T20 is the shortest format of cricket which is played in almost every cricket country.

“This is a fresh and exciting idea which will appeal to a younger audience and attract new fans to the game,” said ECB chairman Tom Harrison

Other short league

A 10 over league was organized in UAE in last year and in Hong Kong league all team play a maximum 5 six-ball over.


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